Thursday, September 11, 2008

How to change vista shutdown/power button behaviour

By default, power button in start menu of vista will change the system into sleep mode.

Here is the way to change it, so it will simply shut down our computer:

  1. go to control panel

  2. if your control panel is in classic view, click 'Power Options', otherwise, click 'Hardware and Sound', then click 'Power Options'.

  3. Click 'Change plan settings'

  4. Click 'Change advanced power settings'

  5. A new dialog window will appear, find in the list 'Power buttons and lid', expand the 'Start menu power button'.

  6. By default, the value should be: Sleep. Click it to display some options to choose: Sleep, Hibernate, Shutdown. Choose whichever you prefer. For example, Selecting shutdown will turn off computer whenever the power button in start menu is clicked.

That's all :)

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