Monday, July 01, 2013

How to have a similar mouse acceleration on Mac OSX with Windows

Have you ever noticed that the movement of mouse pointer on Mac OSX is somewhat different from that of on Windows?

Before I started using Mac OSX around 3 years ago, I have been a heavy user of Windows and Linux for years. Probably this is just my personal preference, but I feel that the acceleration of mouse movement on Mac OSX is not as comfortable as on Windows. I have been looking for the solution to get the same acceleration "feel" ever since but found nothing comparable to Windows. I have tried several software that can control mouse acceleration on Mac OSX, but still not satisfied. Even there are lengthy discussion on Apple forum debating this matter.

Gladly, there are wonderful engineers that started to develop the promising solution:

If anyone feel uncomfortable with the acceleration of mouse on Mac OSX, I would suggest to try this software. It surpasses any other softwares (includes the paid one) that I have tried to make my mouse movement on Mac OSX as similar as on Windows. I hope that Apple could notice this little yet important matter, especially for new users who were heavy users of Windows, and provide built-in solution on the next release of OSX. I could understand that not all users notice the difference. But It is somewhat a shame on Apple for not noticing this little matters for years.

That's all :)

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