Sunday, May 08, 2011

Workaround for Lifehacker or gizmodo automatically redirect the browser from .com to .jp

I sometimes experienced that or do redirection automatically to or Possibly that the website is either checking the ip address of the user or the browser's local language setting. This auto redirection is quite annoying when accessing the page from google search result, because instead of showing the correct page, it shows the front page of the Japanese version. To solve this annoying redirection, add subdomain "us." in front of the url of or page.

For example, if the original URL is:

it will become:

Once the is loaded, it will stay in the English version although we omit the subdomain "us." until we delete the cookies.

That's all :)

Update 2013/4/30:
There are few changes at lifehacker and gizmodo, so that this tips is no longer working. You can check the new changes here:

That's all :)


  1. It still works!

  2. not working now...

  3. Thanks for pointing out. Yes, lifehacker has made few changes recently:

  4. Still works!!